Carlsbad and its water

Few places in the world are similar to the Karlovy Vary region. Places that take pride in their rich historical tradition, live a boisterous present and have a promising future ahead of them. Distinguished rulers of the Czech lands, renowned statesmen, actors, musicians, and thousands of other visitors walked through the streets and roads of the spa area. They all came here for the same reason – with the desire to improve their health and to enjoy the unrepeatable atmosphere of the spa town and its beautiful surrounding countryside.

The Legend of the Healed Emperor


The Karlovy Vary region belongs among areas rich in mineral springs of various temperatures, flavors, and curative effects. According to legend, one of the first patients was the Roman Emperor and Bohemian King Charles IV, whose name the town of Karlovy Vary (Charles Springs – Carlsbad) bears. Archaeological findings, however, evidence that the beneficial effects of the local springs had been known to the local inhabitants long before. Nevertheless, a new period began with the Emperor's approval. Physicians became interested in the springs and their research confirmed the beneficial effects of drinking and bath cures. The spas of Carlsbad and Kyselka became places that were gradually gaining world repute. The list of visitors to Carlsbad, for example, includes the Russian Tsar Peter the Great, Johan Sebastian Bach and Giacomo Casanova.

World-Renowned Spa

The renown of the local mineral springs gave rise to a new kind of trade. At first, water was sent to customers in earthenware and later in glass containers. The name of a native of Carlsbad, Heinrich Mattoni, stands out among those who had dedicated their lives to the development of the business. His plant in Kyselka thrived and his name soon became the symbol of the region.

Three Springs – Three Sources of Health

lemonFor more than 100 years, Mattoni mineral water has been distributed all around the world to allow its devotees to experience the matchless flavor and atmosphere of the world-renowned spa – even if for a short moment. Mattoni mineral water, however, is not the only product that bears the name of the famous fellow countryman. Today, Aquila natural spring water is filled and bottled in Kyselka and thanks to the low sodium content it is an excellent choice for purifying the body. The three brands from the Karlovy Vary region are complemented by Magnesia mineral water with a unique composition even in pan-European terms, which is filled and bottled in Mnichov near Karlovy Vary. Magnesia is rich in beneficial natural magnesium and, at the same time, it contains low sodium levels. It has a refreshing effect on the whole body.